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Richard Mudgett is a Senior Software Developer at Digium. While a prolific developer and contributor to Asterisk, he's elusive and can be difficult to spot outside of his native #asterisk-dev environs. We were impressed we got him to write a blog post.

Dialplan handler routines allow customization

By Richard Mudgett

There are several handler routines available to allow you to customize behavior for the different states of a call. Handler routines execute outside of the normal dialplan execution flow. It

SIP timers T1 and B affect performance

By Richard Mudgett

Busy Asterisk systems can be affected by the SIP timers T1 and B timeout values configured.  Consideration of their values impacts how quickly a transaction can recover from a lost

Asterisk 14: Publishing Extension State

By Richard Mudgett

Asterisk 14 now has the ability to publish extension state using PJSIP PUBLISH requests to another entity acting as an event state compositor. For larger installations, the advantage of this

Asterisk Task Processor Queue Size Warnings

By Richard Mudgett

Some of you may have seen “The ‘<name>’ task processor queue reached <number> scheduled tasks.” warning messages, wondered what they mean, and if there is anything you can do about

How to setup call parking

By Richard Mudgett

What is call parking? Call parking is a means of placing a call on hold so anyone can retrieve the call if they know where the call is parked. The

Converting from chan_agent to app_agent_pool

By Richard Mudgett

The move from chan_agent to app_agent_pool The idea behind chan_agent  was simple.  The agent channel created by chan_agent  acts as a proxy for the corresponding “real” channel which is logged

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