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Asterisk Versioning and Releases

By Joshua C. Colp

Prompted by a post on the Asterisk users mailing list I thought I’d write a bit about Asterisk versioning and releases for this blog post. The Asterisk project at any [...]

Jared Smith’s Departure from Sangoma

By Jared Smith

Those of you who know me know that I’m very passionate about open source and about open source telephony projects. As the VP of Open Source Community Development here at [...]

New PJSIP Logging Functionality

By Joshua C. Colp

When PJSIP support was written for Asterisk we naturally needed the ability to display the SIP messages being sent and received. This took the form of the res_pjsip_logger module which [...]

CentOS 8: Installing Asterisk Dependencies

By Kevin Harwell

We’ve had a few questions about whether or not Asterisk could easily install on CentOS 8. A few months ago the answer to that question was no. However, given some [...]

Collaborating for Success in Open Source

By Jared Smith

Open source is becoming very prevalent in the software world, even if it’s not obvious. Your phone, your television, your smart speaker, and even your car is likely to use [...]

Dana and Asterisk, part 2

By Jared Smith

A couple of weeks ago, Dan Jenkins kindly wrote a guest blog post about Dana — an up-and-coming open source project which helps to highlight some of the great video-conferencing [...]

Introducing Dana the Stream Gatekeeper

By Dan Jenkins

In this troubling time of dealing with COVID-19 around the world we’re seeing more and more need for tools to help in communicating with co-workers, friends and family. Asterisk has [...]

Improving Core Dump Analysis

By Joshua C. Colp

Within the Asterisk project we are constantly trying to improve our processes and data collection when a problem is encountered to reduce the back and forth for getting information. This [...]

A Little Glimpse Into ConfBridge

By Joshua C. Colp

The ConfBridge dialplan application is used countless times each day by people to do conferencing. Long ago this was done using the MeetMe dialplan application that utilized DAHDI functionality but [...]

Building a Channel Driver – Part 3

By Ben Ford

Review If you’ve been following this blog post series, then you should have a channel driver that’s ready to be integrated with ARI. If not, then check out Part 1 [...]