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Continuous Integration Update

By George Joseph

Back in December in my The Continuing Saga of Continuous Integration blog post I wrote about how we reduced the Testsuite’s “27” layers of file system access down to 3

Did you know you can use “@” variables in pjsip.conf?

By George Joseph

You probably already know that you can use the “set_var” parameter on pjsip endpoints to add variables to a channel using that endpoint but did you know you can set

R.I.P. Media Index Cache!

By George Joseph

If you’ve been concerned about slow Asterisk startup times or excessive memory utilization, we’ve got some good news for you.  We’ve eliminated the media index cache that gets built when

The Continuing Saga of Continuous Integration

By George Joseph

or… “Watch This Space” If you’re an Asterisk contributor you’ve probably noticed that we’d been having issues with large numbers of Jenkins test failures during the “gate” phase of the

pjproject-2.8 Qualified For Use With Asterisk

By George Joseph

With the release of Asterisk versions 13.24.0-rc1, 15.7.0-rc1 and 16.1.0-rc1, we’re pleased to say that pjproject-2.8 has been qualified for use with Asterisk. In these release candidates, we’ve upgraded the

Enrich Your Conference App with Asterisk Enhanced Messaging – Part 2

By George Joseph

In “Enrich Your Conference App with Asterisk Enhanced Messaging – Part 1” I demonstrated how you could include chat or other messaging features in your conference app.  In Part 2,

Enrich Your Conference App with Asterisk Enhanced Messaging – Part 1

By George Joseph

At last year’s AstriDevcon, we showed a video conference demonstration application called CyberMegaPhone.  It was a very simple app but it showed how a web developer could create a video

Enhanced Messaging in Asterisk 13 and 15

By George Joseph

The next releases of Asterisk 13 and 15 extend MESSAGE support in chan_pjsip and add it to conference bridges.  While Asterisk has supported the SIP MESSAGE method in both chan_sip

It’s getting to be that time of year!

By George Joseph

With the changing weather, some of us are thinking about summer with excitement, others about winter with trepidation.  Regardless of which hemisphere you live in though, it’s time to start thinking about Asterisk 16!

WANTED: Dead or Alive!

By George Joseph

The Story of Asterisk and Keep-Alives The vast majority of VoIP communications is done via UDP datagrams.  It’s a no-overhead protocol which makes it fast and although it also makes

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