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Joshua Colp is a Senior Software Developer at Digium and a long time Asterisk developer. He originally started in the community submitting simple patches and grew into improving and creating new core components of Asterisk itself. He is a self-taught programmer who believes in finding the balance between doing things the way they should be done and doing what is right for the people using the software. In his spare time he enjoys smashing fax machines.

transport-cc: Improving feedback for better video quality

By Joshua Colp

I’ve previously written about REMB, or receiver estimated maximum bitrate, and its effect on video quality. While this provides periodic feedback from receivers to Asterisk and a mechanism to set

res_mwi_devstate: Presence subscription for voicemail mailboxes!

By Joshua Colp

In Asterisk we have an API called device state. As the name implies this allows a device (such as a PJSIP endpoint) to provide notification to the system of its

stasis: Statistics CLI Commands

By Joshua Colp

Previously on this blog I talked about a new feature to internally filter messages in our internal message bus, as well as a new caching implementation for it. When these

Stasis: Improving performance through better caching and filtering

By Joshua Colp

The stasis message bus is something that is used every day as of Asterisk 13 when you are using Asterisk. It provides the foundation of such things as CDR, CEL,

Improving Video Quality In The Real World

By Joshua Colp

In the past, we’ve had a few blog posts talking about specific parts of new WebRTC work that has been done in Asterisk; but, with the release of Asterisk 16,

Improved PJSIP Qualify Support Performance

By Joshua Colp

One of the most difficult things in PJSIP is ensuring that the experience is the best it can be for not just people who configure their Asterisk from normal configuration

Receiver Estimated Maximum Bitrate Support

By Joshua Colp

For the last few months I, along with Ben Ford, have been working on improving the user experience side of the WebRTC support in Asterisk. When one thinks of user

WebRTC and Asterisk: When It Goes Wrong

By Joshua Colp

Like many things WebRTC is a complex stack of technology within Asterisk and also within the browser. The result of this is that to the best of our ability it

The Woes of TLS Certificates and WebRTC

By Joshua Colp

TLS certificates and their management are something we take for granted every day when we visit a website. If you sit down and try to explain to someone how it

Upcoming WebRTC Improvements in Asterisk 15

By Joshua Colp

In my previous post I talked about what WebRTC support is like in Asterisk 14. Since Asterisk 15 is going to be released soon let’s take a look at how

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