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Joshua Colp is a Senior Software Developer at Digium and a long time Asterisk developer. He originally started in the community submitting simple patches and grew into improving and creating new core components of Asterisk itself. He is a self-taught programmer who believes in finding the balance between doing things the way they should be done and doing what is right for the people using the software. In his spare time he enjoys smashing fax machines.

Improved PJSIP Qualify Support Performance

By Joshua C. Colp

One of the most difficult things in PJSIP is ensuring that the experience is the best it can be for not just people who configure their Asterisk from normal configuration

Receiver Estimated Maximum Bitrate Support

By Joshua C. Colp

For the last few months I, along with Ben Ford, have been working on improving the user experience side of the WebRTC support in Asterisk. When one thinks of user

WebRTC and Asterisk: When It Goes Wrong

By Joshua C. Colp

Like many things WebRTC is a complex stack of technology within Asterisk and also within the browser. The result of this is that to the best of our ability it

The Woes of TLS Certificates and WebRTC

By Joshua C. Colp

TLS certificates and their management are something we take for granted every day when we visit a website. If you sit down and try to explain to someone how it

Upcoming WebRTC Improvements in Asterisk 15

By Joshua C. Colp

In my previous post I talked about what WebRTC support is like in Asterisk 14. Since Asterisk 15 is going to be released soon let’s take a look at how

WebRTC and Asterisk 14

By Joshua C. Colp

WebRTC has been in Asterisk since Asterisk 11 and over time has evolved just as the WebRTC specification itself has evolved. The WebRTC implementation we started with is not the

app_queue And The Case Of The In Call Agent

By Joshua C. Colp

The app_queue module is one of the oldest modules in Asterisk and implements call queueing functionality. You configure a queue with members and a strategy and these members receive calls

Continuous Integration: Helping to find problems.

By Joshua C. Colp

Continuous integration isn’t something that many people in the Asterisk project think about but it is a critical part of the development of Asterisk. It provides assurances on changes that

Stream Support in Asterisk

By Joshua C. Colp

Media streams are something that we all use every day. From watching videos on Youtube to placing calls media streams are right there with us in the background. They are

New Feature: PJSIP Dual Stack

By Joshua C. Colp

A new feature that was initially implemented during a recent visit to SIPit has now been merged into the 13, 14, and master Asterisk branches. It’s called PJSIP dual stack!