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The Case Of The Misunderstood PJSIP Callback

By Joshua C. Colp

When the PJSIP work for Asterisk began one of the primary concerns kept in mind was that it be extensible. One of the APIs derived from this concern was session [...]

AstriDevCon 2016 – A Recap

By Matt Fredrickson

For those of you who were unable to attend, AstriDevCon this year at Phoenix continued to impress. There were 39 people signed up, and at least 43 (and probably more [...]

Automatically Download Binary Modules: New Feature in Asterisk 13.12 and 14.1

By George Joseph

The Digium Phone Module for Asterisk and the g729a, silk, siren7 and siren14 codec binary modules hosted at can now be automatically downloaded and installed during the Asterisk install process. If [...]

Documentation? We’ve Got That!

By Joshua C. Colp

I’ve been a part of the Asterisk project for many years now, over 10 in fact. I’ve seen it evolve and grow and one of those areas which has changed [...]

Asterisk Architecture: The Bridging Framework Part I

By Matt Jordan

Overview When the development goals were laid out at AstriDevCon for Asterisk 12 way back in 2012, we had two primary missions: Build a new SIP channel driver to replace [...]

Asterisk 14: Publishing Extension State

By Richard Mudgett

Asterisk 14 now has the ability to publish extension state using PJSIP PUBLISH requests to another entity acting as an event state compositor. For larger installations, the advantage of this [...]

Asterisk 14.0.0-rc1 released!

By Matt Fredrickson

In the past eight weeks since the first beta release of Asterisk 14.0.0, and as we drive towards a general release, community members have collaborated to address more than a [...]

Asterisk 14 ARI: Media Playlists

By Matt Jordan

Several improvements to ARI’s media manipulation are coming in Asterisk 14. In this post, we’ll explore media playlists, how they are used, and the problem they solve. A Simple Application [...]

Asterisk 14 ARI: Create, Bridge, Dial.

By Joshua C. Colp

Asterisk’s REST Interface (ARI) in both Asterisk 12 and 13 has the ability to originate (create) outgoing channels.  The functionality in ARI mirrors that of the “originate” CLI command, AMI [...]

Asterisk 14 DNS: Resolve to Resolve

By Kevin Harwell

Asterisk 14: Coming with improved PJSIP DNS Support spoke about the new core DNS API, and mentioned several of the enhancements implemented. In this post we will focus more on [...]