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Happy New Year – A Community Update

By Jared Smith

Hello everyone…for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Jared Smith, Sangoma’s new Vice President for Open Source Community Development. Ever since I first started using open source telephony [...]

SIP and RTP Routing

By Joshua C. Colp

One of the most common issues I see when people deploy SIP is calls hanging up after approximately 30 seconds or traffic not going to where it should. This can [...]

Year End Message to our Open Source Community

By Bill Wignall

Hello Everyone, As a public company CEO, I write a “Letter to Shareholders” once per year, leading up to our Annual General Meeting. But shareholders are one of the multiple [...]

AstriDevCon 2019 – A Recap

By Joshua C. Colp

Greetings All, Time certainly flies and it seems like AstriDevCon and AstriCon 2019 were a century ago. It’s hard to imagine that in fact they were only a month and [...]

Building a Channel Driver – Part 1

By Ben Ford

Overview Today we’re going to be talking about channel drivers and how to get started on creating your own. This topic is going to be covered in three separate blog [...]

Announcing a New Compile Option for app_voicemail Storage.

By Chris Savinovich

Asterisk offers its users great flexibility in most of its features. One of them is the choice between three different modules for different ways to store voicemail. These include: To [...]

Debugging Tips and Tricks

By Ben Ford

Overview One of the most challenging things about coding is when your code doesn’t work and you have to figure out why. Trying to track down a problem can be [...]

An Asterisk Video Update

By Joshua C. Colp

Over the past few years we’ve been working to improve the video support in Asterisk. We initially started with adding stream support[1] in a backwards compatible fashion so we could [...]

External Media: A new way to get media in and out of Asterisk

By George Joseph

At recent AstriDevCon meetings, we discussed the possibility of allowing an ARI application to capture or inject media into calls it controlled.  With the release of Asterisk 16.6, that capability [...]

PSA: chan_sip status changed to “deprecated” & Asterisk 17.0.0-rc2 Release

By Matt Fredrickson

If you download Asterisk 17 and start it up, you might be one of the people that notices the following messages: [crayon-5ed870de43fac205758949/] If you are using chan_pjsip, which has been [...]