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Changing CHANGES (and UPGRADE.txt)

By Ben Ford

Overview For those of you who have been around for a while now and contribute to the code base, you probably know about CHANGES and UPGRADE.txt and how annoying it [...]

res_mwi_devstate: Presence subscription for voicemail mailboxes!

By Joshua C. Colp

In Asterisk we have an API called device state. As the name implies this allows a device (such as a PJSIP endpoint) to provide notification to the system of its [...]

Developer Notes: Large Number Storage

By Kevin Harwell

I ran into a curious problem the other day while working on an issue involving the storage, manipulation, and conversion of large number values in Asterisk. Background Many moons ago [...]

Stasis Improvements: Goodbye Dialplan!

By Ben Ford

Overview One of the topics of discussion every year at Astricon is not needing to use the dialplan in order to use Stasis. This involves a couple of different things [...]

Did you know you can use “@” variables in pjsip.conf?

By George Joseph

You probably already know that you can use the “set_var” parameter on pjsip endpoints to add variables to a channel using that endpoint but did you know you can set [...]

Asterisk Usage Survey

By Matt Fredrickson

For those of you that do not know me, my name is Matthew Fredrickson and I’m the project lead for the Asterisk project. First off, I wanted to thank all [...]

Filtering Event Types in ARI

By Kevin Harwell

Since the arrival of the Asterisk REST Interface (ARI) requests have been made to allow for event type filtering capabilities. Consumers have wanted a way to make it so Asterisk [...]

Asterisk INLINE Optimization

By Chris Savinovich

Asterisk developers who have made use of one of our function attributes called “force_inline” should be aware we are discouraging it.  Why? Let’s get to some background first. Asterisk core [...]

R.I.P. Media Index Cache!

By George Joseph

If you’ve been concerned about slow Asterisk startup times or excessive memory utilization, we’ve got some good news for you.  We’ve eliminated the media index cache that gets built when [...]

stasis: Statistics CLI Commands

By Joshua C. Colp

Previously on this blog I talked about a new feature to internally filter messages in our internal message bus, as well as a new caching implementation for it. When these [...]