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WebRTC and Asterisk: When It Goes Wrong

By Joshua C. Colp

Like many things WebRTC is a complex stack of technology within Asterisk and also within the browser. The result of this is that to the best of our ability it [...]

Asterisk Call Party, Privacy, and Header Presentation

By Kevin Harwell

Asterisk allows users to manipulate call party identification information through mechanisms like configuration options and dialplan functions (for instance CALLERID and CONNECTEDLINE to name a couple). This grants the user [...]

The Woes of TLS Certificates and WebRTC

By Joshua C. Colp

TLS certificates and their management are something we take for granted every day when we visit a website. If you sit down and try to explain to someone how it [...]

Identifying an endpoint in PJSIP

By Richard Mudgett

A basic concept with chan_pjsip/res_pjsip is the endpoint. When a new SIP request comes in, res_pjsip needs to identify which endpoint the request is for. New incoming SIP requests are [...]

WANTED: Dead or Alive!

By George Joseph

The Story of Asterisk and Keep-Alives The vast majority of VoIP communications is done via UDP datagrams.  It’s a no-overhead protocol which makes it fast and although it also makes [...]

PJSIP: DNS Manager (dnsmgr) and Full Dynamic Hostname Support, Coming Soon!

By Ben Ford

Recently there’s been discussion on chan_sip going away in the future which led to many comparisons between it and chan_pjsip. What does chan_pjsip do better? What is chan_pjsip missing? What [...]

CDR/CEL Processing – Climbing the Beanstalk

By Nir Simionovich

One of the most annoying tasks within Asterisk (or VoIP in general) is the task of CDR and event processing. Why is processing these so annoying? Well, depending on your [...]

Asterisk 15 Webinar

By Matt Fredrickson

Slight interlude from your regularly scheduled programming. For any interested, Matthew Fredrickson, manager of the Asterisk project, will be giving a webinar on Tuesday December 5th 2017 about Asterisk 15 [...]

PJSIP mis-configuration can cause loss of SIP registrations

By Richard Mudgett

Setting the "max_contacts" configuration option too low can cause loss of registrations. How that can happen and some recommendations are described. [...]

pjproject-2.7.1 qualified for use with Asterisk

By George Joseph

This week, we’re pleased to say that we’ve updated the Asterisk 13, 15 and master branches’ bundled version of pjproject to 2.7.1. This release contains a fix for an important [...]