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Performance Improvements: Inbound Registration

By Kevin Harwell

Measuring performance in Asterisk, like most software systems for that matter, can be a complicated task. When testing performance it is important to define goals, and limit the context for [...]

Asterisk 16.0.0-rc2 Released

By Matt Fredrickson

Greetings! Today Asterisk 16.0.0-rc2 will become available! Please take some time to test this release as the 16 branch will become the next major LTS release of Asterisk. Surprises found [...]

Enrich Your Conference App with Asterisk Enhanced Messaging – Part 2

By George Joseph

In “Enrich Your Conference App with Asterisk Enhanced Messaging – Part 1” I demonstrated how you could include chat or other messaging features in your conference app.  In Part 2, [...]

Enrich Your Conference App with Asterisk Enhanced Messaging – Part 1

By George Joseph

At last year’s AstriDevcon, we showed a video conference demonstration application called CyberMegaPhone.  It was a very simple app but it showed how a web developer could create a video [...]

Improving Video Quality In The Real World

By Joshua C. Colp

In the past, we’ve had a few blog posts talking about specific parts of new WebRTC work that has been done in Asterisk; but, with the release of Asterisk 16, [...]

Asterisk-16.0.0-rc1 Released!

By Matt Fredrickson

Hello Everybody! Can you believe how quickly a year has passed? Time is drawing near to many exciting things – Astricon in October and with that, preparations for the first [...]

Improved PJSIP Qualify Support Performance

By Joshua C. Colp

One of the most difficult things in PJSIP is ensuring that the experience is the best it can be for not just people who configure their Asterisk from normal configuration [...]

Using DEBUG_THREADS to find deadlocks.

By Richard Mudgett

Asterisk’s DEBUG_THREADS is a compile time tool that helps find deadlocks involving Asterisk locks. You enable DEBUG_THREADS in menuselect’s “Compiler Flags” menu along with other useful compile time options like [...]

Asterisk Test Suite: Building Better Tests

By Kevin Harwell

Let’s talk some more about testing, understanding the test framework for Asterisk, and building better tests. An exciting topic I know! In a previous post, we discussed how unit testing Asterisk [...]

Meet Chris Savinovich!

By Matt Fredrickson

Earlier this year, the Asterisk team at Digium got a little bit bigger!  For today’s blog post, I’m going to interview Chris Savinovich, the most recent addition to Digium’s Asterisk [...]