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WebRTC and Asterisk 14

By Joshua C. Colp

WebRTC has been in Asterisk since Asterisk 11 and over time has evolved just as the WebRTC specification itself has evolved. The WebRTC implementation we started with is not the [...]

Asterisk 15 Beta Released

By Matt Fredrickson

It is with great pleasure I wish to inform the world of the first beta release of the new Asterisk 15 branch. It’s a very exciting time to be a [...]

Asterisk Containers and Objects (ao2)

By Mark Michelson

For those of you budding Asterisk developers out there, you may find yourself browsing the source code. All over, you’ll find function calls prefixed with “ast”, like “ast_read” or “ast_poll”. [...]

Interview with new Asterisk developer, Ben Ford

By Matt Fredrickson

Hello, my name is Matthew Fredrickson and I’m the project lead for the Asterisk project. We recently hired someone new onto the project to help with development. His name is [...]

Continuous Integration with Asterisk and Docker

By George Joseph

How much testing do we really do? A lot, and let’s face it,  Asterisk isn’t the easiest of software packages to test.  Our continuous integration environment could run over 1000 [...]

app_queue And The Case Of The In Call Agent

By Joshua C. Colp

The app_queue module is one of the oldest modules in Asterisk and implements call queueing functionality. You configure a queue with members and a strategy and these members receive calls [...]

Recent Security Issues

By Mark Michelson

Security releases of Asterisk were recently created. In this post, we’d like to go into the depths of two of the security issues and how they affected Asterisk. Before going [...]

Continuous Integration: Helping to find problems.

By Joshua C. Colp

Continuous integration isn’t something that many people in the Asterisk project think about but it is a critical part of the development of Asterisk. It provides assurances on changes that [...]

rtcp-mux in WebRTC

By Mark Michelson

Do you use WebRTC with Asterisk? Did you notice calls stop working after updating Google Chrome to version 57? Are you curious why that happened? The answer is the rtcp-mux [...]

Asterisk, Opus, packet loss, and FEC

By Kevin Harwell

So you’ve heard there is now an Opus codec for Asterisk that’s been released. However, you are having problems with poor audio quality due to packets being dropped or lost. [...]